XST-D2 - Mobile Security Display Holder   Product name: Mobile Security Display Holder

Item: Mobile security display holder

Dimension: 43*29*26MM

Material: ABS

Color: white, black




  • Product Name: Mobile security display holder
  • Model: XST-D2


Product introduction:

This high quality mobile phone security display holder is used for mobile phones. It prevents the cell phones to be stolen by the pull device.

Product information:
XUSTAN company focuses on the terminal display product development and production of security, self-developed series of products on display real machine alarm.

This elegant and modern mobile phone security display stand , high practical, the use of UV surface treatment technology, which greatly promoted the launching of experiential marketing have to promote improvement in performance and product security.

Customers can easily take down from the shelf displays, free to operate and feel the exhibits features ,function and appearance. Best quality mobile phone security display holder is very convenient for consumers.

This product is best for mobile phone,MP3,MP4 and other valuable products. It can not only show the product to customers, also can be effective anti-theft, but not alarm.


Product Functions:

  1. Best quality mobile phone security display holder is convenient for the customers to see the phone,camera,MP5,PSP when display device was used in mobile phone exhibition hall, exclusive shops, etc.
  2. When it links to the main frame , it become anti-theft and chargable for the phone, camera etc.


Product snstallation:

  1. The  Best quality mobile phone security display holder Without Alarm is fixed on the exhibition counter with screws.
  2. The phone installation: Remove the adhesive tap, paste the phone. Finally paste the small touch.

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