XST-F-18 Anti-Theft Hooks   Product name: Anti-theft hooks

Item: Anti-theft price tag hook

Dimension:  18Cm

Material:  ABS+SUS

Color:  white, black

Stand by:



  1. Double hook slot form factor, type Z-Groove boards, threaded holes form, square steel pipes.
  2. Length: 10cm, 18cm, 20cm, 23.7cm.
  3. Security hook, also known as the security linked to the show, accessory hooks.


Product Description:
Anti-theft hook is designed to showcase some of the valuables and don't repeatedly open the package for being guests feel goods, mainly applied to digital products and the use of hanging plastic packaging items, such as accessories, mouse, Bluetooth, digital ink, memory card, etc. Installation on top of slatwall shelves or shelf square steel typically used in open-shelf display shop, used in conjunction with digital burglar alarm, both open-shelf show good effects, and attain the necessary security and loss prevention effects.


Product Features:

  1. The Assembly is convenient, easy to change product, easy to operate, to good, solid.
  2. The items displayed neatly in appearance, in ensuring the safety of goods while the customers for display of commodities at a glance.
  3. Better reflect the value of your item, in ensuring the safety of products and customers to get a better personal product experience.
  4. Security hook can hang with the wall to save space, while reducing 50% human cost.


Application Method:

  1. First of all, you are using a backplane, but generally these steps is the first step: linking key positive fit the base plane, light grip base.
  2. Gently pull the base open base.
  3. Base wire source hangs in the direction of the Groove in the back panel.
  4. Push the base to the lock position.
  5. The key to positive signs and flat laminating; anchor line.
  6. Gently pull the key, open the sign.
  7. Hanging into the display of merchandise.
  8. Push the sign to the locked position, pull back on check locking.

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